In the case of wooden objects and fine furniture, there must be a careful attention to original and current functionality, while also minding the aesthetic and historical faithfulness of the piece. With this in mind, we tailor each treatment to your piece, placing emphasis initially on the structural stability, visual quality, and lastly on modern modification if necessary for use.  Common treatments in our Wooden objects and Fine Furniture department include:

  • Stabilization of current surfaces including ornamentation of frames, loosened chair and table legs,  and de-laminating  surface coatings
  • Reconstruction of broken pieces including deconstructed frames, damaged fine art pieces and neglected furniture
  • Touch in treatment to maintain uniformity and cohesion across your piece
  • Fabrication of missing areas to add important structural framing or decoratively complete your piece
  • Customization of frames to enhance their existing support or tailor them to your artwork

We aim to preserve the historic and functional integrity of both antique and contemporary pieces, while also keeping in mind its use in your home. Also, we offer optional conservation reports, which will inform you of our processes, include preventative knowledge and strengthen provenance.

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