The restoration of paintings has become synonymous with the overarching idea of art conservation in the recent years. The  before/after photos are captivating and take the viewer on an intimate view into the life of the painting.

However,  it is important to deeply understand the relationship between the materials, techniques and aesthetics originally used to create the painting. While it is usually easiest to spot damage and imperfections in the image, it is most important to assess the support and structure of the painting, which be contributing to the overall problem. This is why we take extra attention in assessing all aspects of the works, individually, with minimally invasive care and strong attention to detail. We are skilled in assessing and correcting common problems, such as:

  • Chemical cleaning to remove discolored varnish
  • Patch repair to stabilize and mend tears or cuts in the canvas
  • Re-stretching to alleviate rippled canvas
  • Re-lining to stabilize and conserve original paint film
  • Consolidation and retouch to restore the image to its original intention

We take the utmost care and specialization  with each piece, which means that each situation will be customized to fit your needs. Also, we offer optional conservation reports, which will inform you of our processes, include preventative knowledge and strengthen provenance.

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