How can I receive a quote for restoration of my art work?

Due to our work flow, we work by appointment only and view all items in your household and/or on site. We offer convenient on site appointments to fit your schedule, and in most cases offer a same day quote for repair. However, depending on the material, some quotes may take 1-2 weeks.

How much does a quote cost?

We offer a complimentary general quote for your first three items. After those items, we charge a flat fee based on the number of items. General quotes include a description of the item, description of damage and general treatment plan. Insurance quotes begin at $60.00 for your first three items and include detailed description of the item, detailed pictures of item overall, close ups of affected areas, and recommendations for treatment.

Can you provide quotes over the phone? 

We are unable to provide any quote without seeing the item, as several variables can affect the process for restoration.  However, we can offer a general pricing range for repair via email. Of course this will be a large window, and it may stand to change depending on the item in person. To begin, send a email inquiry to contact@fixrestorationstudio.com with an overall picture of the item, close up picture of the affected areas, general dimensions and any other information you think would be relevant.

I have approved the quote for my art work and would like to get it restored. What do I do now?

Depending on the art work, we will either pick up and transport it same day or we will schedule a date in the near future to pick up it up. This is dependent on size, conservator availability and variables in your quote. We would like the art work to be out of your possession for as little time as possible, and thus, make an effort to efficiently coordinate ordered materials, working time and transport.

Can you work on my art work in my home?

Depending on the artwork, many repairs can be done in your home. However, due to limitations of the materials, this may involve several trips to account for set up time, working time and clean up. Unlike items we take to our studio, we will price this repair at the accrued time we spend on site.

Do you have a minimum cost for repair?

Besides our complimentary three items, the minimum cost for restoration on a single item is $60.00.

Will the repair be noticeable?

We offer varying levels of restoration, some of which are very visible upon initial inspection. However, while we do tailor the restoration to your budget, expectations and limits of the materials. Depending on these factors, we can achieve very successful end results for most items.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept debit, all major credit cards (including amex), as well as checks.

Do you provide restoration reports?

We can offer restoration reports beginning at $30.00 per item. This will include before, after and progress pictures, as well as condition report of the item, materials used and general maintenance.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out via email.