Playtime for Conservators

One of our favorite types of projects is working on our clients’ beloved childhood toys. Recently this worse for wear My Little Pony came in, and we couldn’t wait to work on getting it back to its original condition.

When the toy came in, it was well-loved, grimy with handling and hair bedraggled and slightly frayed.


A basic cleaning  kit for toys and collectibles include detergent and lukewarm water, a soft toothbrush, cotton tipped applicators, soft towel, and paper for absorption.


We gently brushed the pony with the detergent to remove as much of the surface grime as possible. We followed with more targeted application with the cotton tipped applicators.


Polyester toy hair is very difficult to restore. Here, we added a light amount of detangler and restyled with the traditional techniques used to pin curl real hair.


Finally, our My Little Pony is looking as good as new and ready to be played with all over again!


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